Unified2 to Host Meeting May 11, 2023

UN1F1ED2 will be hosting another informational meeting at our headquarters, (223 Worcester-Providence Turnpike, Sutton, Massachusetts) Thursday, May 11, 2023, from 6:00PM to 7:00 PM.  All members of the public are welcome to attend and meet informally, one-on-one with our Project Team to discuss the recent Project Commencement Notice for the Unified Parkway Project filed with theContinue reading “Unified2 to Host Meeting May 11, 2023”

Unified2 Project Update & Building 3 Limited Blasting

Permitting Update After an extensive permitting process, Unified2 is excited to announce that construction of Building 3 is ready to start.  At the state level, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has issued a Secretary’s Certificate on October 31, 2022 establishing a Special Review Procedure (SRP) for the ProjectContinue reading Unified2 Project Update & Building 3 Limited Blasting

Recap of May 25, 2022 Neighborhood Meeting at UGPG

Dear Members of the Public, Thank you for attending the neighborhood meeting we hosted at Unified’s Sutton headquarters a few weeks back. We appreciate the opportunity we had to meet our neighbors, to share more details about our upcoming project with you all, and to answer your questions and hear your comments. It was veryContinue reading “Recap of May 25, 2022 Neighborhood Meeting at UGPG”

Site Development Update

UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group Sutton Project Update April 2022 This letter is to provide an update on some of the activities happening on the property owned by UGPG RE Sutton LLC, the real estate development affiliate of UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group (“Unified”).  Unified recently acquired over 440 acres of land in Sutton and Millbury located off ofContinue reading “Site Development Update”