Unified2 Neighborhood Fund

Dear Residents:

Over the past year, Unified has been working hard to bring economic development, jobs, tax revenue and other community benefits to the Town of Sutton through the Unified Parkway Project. Given the size and magnitude of this Project, Unified has needed to make significant upfront investments in site preparation due to the historic use of the property as gravel pits. We understand that some of these activities, including prior blasting, may have had an impact to certain residents in the Heritage Road and other neighborhoods near the Project site.

To mitigate impacts associated with these prior site activities, Unified has agreed with the Town of Sutton to set up a Neighborhood Fund in the amount of $150,000.  Unified will be administering these funds to address bona fide claims of damages or losses that resulted from prior site activities.  In the coming days, Unified will be reaching out to residents who had previously filed a claim with the Sutton Fire Department in connection with Unified’s prior site activities. Unified intends to meet and discuss these claims with those individuals in an effort to resolve these matters. 

If you did not previously file a claim, but would like to discuss impacts you may have incurred from Unified’s prior site activities, or any other questions related to the Neighborhood Fund, please feel free to reach out to Art Mahassal or Len McAleer at:

Art Mahassal, President – (508) 865-1155, Ext. 233

Len McAleer, EVP and COO – (508) 865-1155, Ext. 234

All disbursements from the Neighborhood Fund will be reported to the Town Manager. At the conclusion of Unified’s outreach efforts, Unified will disburse all remaining funds from the Neighborhood Fund to the Sutton Food Pantry.

We want to thank the Select Board, Town Manager and Town Planner for working with Unified to establish the Neighborhood Fund and their partnership throughout the development process. Unified is committed to realizing the full potential of the Unified Parkway Project and the benefits it will bring to the Town of Sutton.


Arthur Mahassel
Unified Global Packaging Group