Site Development Update

UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group

Sutton Project Update April 2022

This letter is to provide an update on some of the activities happening on the property owned by UGPG RE Sutton LLC, the real estate development affiliate of UN1F1ED² Global Packaging Group (“Unified”). 

Unified recently acquired over 440 acres of land in Sutton and Millbury located off of Buttonwood Avenue, Boston Road, Dudley Road and Providence Road (the “Property”). To help meet the Town’s goals of economic development, strengthening the tax base and creating job opportunities for Sutton residents, Unified intends to develop the Property with a three-building warehouse and distribution center that will expand Unified’s long-time business operations for itself and its business partners within the Town of Sutton, where it has been operating for more than 30 years (formerly as Atlas Box). 

The initial phase of site development includes the construction of a new private subdivision roadway that will run through the Property from Boston Road to Providence Road.  The Planning Board and Conservation Commission have each approved the roadway work, and Unified has coordinated with the Town Manager, Town Planner, Building Commissioner, Fire Department, Police Department, the Wilkinsonville Water District and others on this phase of construction activities. A stormwater management plan in compliance with local and state stormwater management standards is in place, and Unified is taking all customary and required construction precautions as they proceed with this work.

As part of this phase of construction, Unified has also been conducting blasting activities on a portion of the Property.  Due to the historic gravel pit and earth removal operations on the Property, preparing the land for future development requires significant initial site work, including blasting.  Because of these historic uses, most of the interior of the Property is previously disturbed with steep changes in topography and elevations that create safety and siting issues for the planned improvements. These are the portions of the Property where the blasting activities are occurring.  

Prior to starting any blasting, Unified and its consultants and contractors met and coordinated with the Sutton Fire Department and the Wilkinsonville Water District.  The required permits were obtained, and material safety data sheets were provided to confirm the blasting explosives being used would not impact the adjacent aquifer.  Even though Unified’s activities far exceed the distance offset requirements to structures that require seismic monitoring, the blasting contractor retained a third-party company to install and operate seismic monitors at key locations to ensure every blast is below the state regulated limits for noise and vibration.

All blast rock is being processed and repurposed on site for grading and filling purposes, and nothing is being moved offsite.  This has the additional benefit of significantly reducing the need to import materials to the Property.

Unified expects that the first phase of blasting activities will continue through June 2022.  During that time, Unified expects that blasting will generally occur one time each day, Monday through Friday, at approximately 12:00PM or 3:00PM. This schedule is subject to change due to a variety of variables that impact safe and efficient blasting, particularly weather.  

Following this initial phase of blasting activities, there will likely be a pause in blasting until later in 2022, when development plans for Lot 1 on the Property are further refined and solidified. At such time, and prior to initiating subsequent blasting activities, Unified intends to provide additional information and an estimated blasting schedule as the overall project progresses.